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You want to take your firm and career to the next level. We want to grow with you. Join our family of brands and get the resources, tools, and access to opportunities you need to support your ambition and take care of your clients.

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Start A Rewarding Relationship.

Relation is on the ground floor of an equity opportunity for entrepreneurs, like you, to build wealth and have a significant impact. By partnering with Relation, you gain access to specialized products, deep carrier relationships, a knowledgeable committed leadership, and a service-oriented culture.

Our culture of trust means you’ll feel right at home. Unlike other firms, we are proud of the fact we don’t tell you how to run your business. You’ve already proven your ability to succeed. Which is why you have a seat at the table to partner with us in our equity story.

  • Add talent to your team
  • Enhance existing expertise
  • Expand into new industries and territories
  • Leverage greater cross-selling opportunities
  • Take equity ownership


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Investing In Your Success.

We’re making continual investments in people, processes
and technology to help you attract, win, and retain business.

Our experienced sales leaders leverage decades of hands-on experience and best-in-class technology to teach the art of sales to beginners and to provide continuing education and autonomy for the seasoned pros on your team.

  • A sales toolkit your sales team can access anywhere
  • Sales training and coaching to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Performance recognition and generous incentives to help you retain the best talent
  • Recruiting programs to help you attract the best talent

Our integrated marketing team can help you understand what’s motivating your prospects and how they want to engage during the sales process and after they become clients.

  • Promote your brand, services, and products with in-house marketing support
  • Amplify awareness and thought leadership through PR and social media
  • Adopt data-driven strategies and tactics to reach clients and to nurture relationships

Our operational resources augment your team and allow you to focus on what matters most: growing your book of business.

  • Streamline administrative procedures with the assistance of subject matter experts who cares as much as you do
  • Implement yourself in new processes designed to drive efficiencies across operations

Experience an array of complimentary services that will help you win bigger accounts, retain relationships with existing clients, and stand out from the pack.

  • Bi-lingual loss control service that help improve workplace safety
  • Customized client training that helps reduce claims
  • Dedicated account teams who help simplify the claims process

We’re a dynamic, respectful and collaborative team of professionals who care about making the world a safer and healthier place for our clients, employees and their families.

  • Have a voice at Relation, and make an impact on a company built to thrive for 100+ years
  • Grow your business with flexible entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Join a team who genuinely cares about each other and have fun along the way

Tim Hall

To learn more, contact Tim Hall, CEO and Head of Mergers & Acquisitions directly at (312) 714-7279 or by email.

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